Rainerova chata

The smallest and oldest mountain challet in High Tatras

Two days after Christmas we start short trip in Stary Smokovec in High Tatras. From there we take the renewed cable railway to Hrebienok. To our destination it takes only 30 minutes walking from Hrebienok on the green tourist mark. It is a pleasant and undemanding route. On the way back we choose other route – the blue tourist mark which passes by the chalet Bilikova chata.

Chalet Rainerova chata is built of stone, there is no electricity; they light with gas and kerosene lamp. There is a very pleasant atmosphere inside, a bit darker because of small windows and modest light. You can find here information on climbers in Tatras, lots of old mountaineering equipment, refreshment and hot and tasty tee, of course. In front of the chalet there is a Christmas crib made of snow by the chalet landlord Mr. Petras. Through a public binocular we observe the Lomnicky stit (peak). The altitude of the chalet is 1301 m. It is a great place with its own atmosphere.
Andrej; December 2012



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